Choose Your Style


C L A S S I C style serves its time and remains relevant to future generations. Those who lean towards classic style love an aesthetic with lasting impact and detailing with well made pieces.


CONTEMPORARY style cleverly uses calming muted neutral colours like grays, beiges, off whites and blacks. It can also be a room saturated in a specific colour tone.


M I N I M A L style means simplicity at its most elegant. Clean lines and monochromatic pallets are indicative of a Minimal Interior Style. Strip your space down to the essential and core function and achieve a space with pure elegance.


M O D E R N style is not about “here and now” but rather a tribute to the historical aesthetic movement from the mid-twentieth century. Clean lines, natural materials, natural light and use of a simple colour pallet to evoke mood are all part of the modern aesthetic


Natural design creates an atmosphere rich in natural elements with texture and
colours found in nature. Layering simple and authentic pieces to create a calming oasis.


Urban design blends the best of contemporary and modern design while using industrial designs perfect for city living. Urban is a mix of trendy, current and casual stylings that picks up on what is happening in the world.