Find a Local Installer

Every installer is unique and offers different installation styles and techniques to the San Marco product line. It is important to choose someone with a good reputation and solid understanding of these products. 

Use our Locate a Professional Installer tool to find San Marco Canada approved installers in your area. This is not a comprehensive list of all San Marco installers, however, the listed installers are professionals who have shown quality work with our product that we are confident to recommend. 

After finding your local installers, it is recommended that you do further research on their website and social media pages to get a more comprehensive understanding of their work.

Locate a Professional San Marco Installer

      Become a San Marco Approved Installer

      Are you looking to become an approved San Marco Canada installer? If you are familiar with our product line and have worked with it and have worked with it extensively then you can apply now for wholesale pricing. If approved, we will add you to our list of professional installers. If you are interested in learning how to install San Marco products we can help with classes and training. Please contact for more information.