Continuo Micro-Cement Systems

Continuo Micro-Cement Systems creates continuity on surfaces and a visually seamless connection between floors and walls for a solution to enhance any space. This product system is suitable for all spaces from kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms (including shower stall interiors) and even on protected exterior outdoor spaces.

For commercial use, try Continuo Micro-Cement System to customize furniture surfaces by giving it visual intrigue and depth.

Continuo can be tinted in endless colour and shade options to create a range of decorative styles and spaces.

Explore The Continuo System Range

A specific Continuo System combination can be
applied to achieve desired results in various

  • LIVING ROOMS, this system can be used in
    most residential living spaces in your home
  • HIGH TRAFFIC AREAS, this system offers
    higher resistance to wear and tear for
    bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens
  • OFFICE, great for medium traffic areas like
    work from home offices and studies
  • PATIO, this system is used on outdoor
    protected surfaces in residential areas
  • COMMERCIAL, for use in commercial spaces
    or public establishments with pedestrian
    traffic such as stores, restaurants, work office,
    and hotels or rental properties
  • FURNITURE, this system can be used for
    decorating furniture to provide subtle and
    beautiful visual interest in residential and
    commercial spaces

Customizable Color, Texture & Effects

Continuo Systems allows the user to explore and
express their style with it’s versatile and
customizable elements:

  • 40+ colour tinting options
  • 6 Base Tints to choose from
  • 4 Finish Options: gloss, satin, matt or extra
  • 3 Unique Aesthetic Effects:
    • MINIMAL EFFECT visually hard & flat
      with a smooth touch finish
    • MONOCROME with a light visual and
      tactile textured finish
    • TWO-TONE SMOOTH distinguished by
      light layered tone-on-tone shades
      (available in 5 different shades)

Continuo System Interior Exterior Continuity

Continuo Systems allow you to use this versatile product in your exterior renovations in areas like terraces, porches, or decks.

Match your interior seamlessly with your exterior creating a clean and seamless style in all environments.

For detailed information, please contact our San Marco Dealers.

Continuo Micro-Cement Products